About Us

We are the manufacturers of KITCHEN, REFRIGERATION,BAKERY, SERVICE EQUIPMENT for over a decade by providing logistic & technical support of HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, BANQUET, HALLS, INDUSTRIAL CANTEENS, MESSES OF ARMED FORCES, RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS etc. over the years, we have earned expertise & reputation by providing complete solution to this industry our scope of work includes:-

Complete designing of operational area with execution, providing all required equipment, L.P.G. Piping with all required accessories, DUCTING EXHAUST & FRESH AIR.

The company is run by three departments- The SALES & MARKETING, PRODUCTION & PROCUREMENT, and ADMINISTRATION & ACCOUNTS.

The SALES & MARKETING department consists of experienced & qualified professional who have Through expertise of the clients & knowledge of all equipments. They give complete details of the requirement of each & every project.

The PRODUCTION & PROCUREMENT Dept. consists of experienced foremen & technicians who are vast knowledge of crafting any equipment as per drawing, design & need. This deptt. also procures all the required raw materials raw & provides logistic support. The department is Also responsible for quality control & after sales service .

Our ultimate motto is to satisfy the clients & provide all necessary requirements at an affordable cost With superior quality.